Think like an Engineer (OpenLearning)

Engineering is an extremely exciting profession! Engineers are behind many of the advancements we are taking for granted today including computers, the Internet, smartphones, medical tools and cars. Engineers use science and math to create cool products and machines that make life worth living.
Engineering is not only a field of study. It is a way of thinking. The wordN'engineer' is from the Latin word ingenium, which shares the same root as the wordN'genius'. Adopting an engineering way of thinking can improve our performance in our daily life regardless of our field.
This course combines the engineering thinking (CDIO) with entrepreneurial behaviour leading towards the creation of purpose-driven technopreneurs.
Let's change the world together.
Dream big. Be different. Have fun.

The course explores the CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate) framework to guide you to think like an engineer. You'll be able to join the engineering students on campus to work on project while discovering the engineer in you!

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