Rethinking Ageing: Are we prepared to live longer?

About the Course


Where do see yourself 25 years from now? In the year 2040...

The course explores the demographic shift that is occurring around the world as people continue to live longer and have fewer children. This course dives into the challenges and opportunities that are likely to occur over the next 25 years in a multidisciplinary approach that includes 15 academics from over 10 disciplinesranging from demography, to gerontology, architecture and design, health informatics, social work and economics in order to bring a broader perspective toN'rethink ageing' and help lead all of us to ideas and resolutions that are more holistic in their approach.

Another key theme throughout this course is self-reflection. Here is an opportunity to learn innovative approaches to individual and population ageing and be introspective. There will be ample opportunity to share your thoughts on the concepts covered in the discussion board forums, social media sites and in your assessments.

We hope this integrated course will lead to promoting a sustainable good life in old age - no matter where you are in the world - or where you will be in 2040!

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